Friday, July 31, 2015

Azure WebApp Slot Backup Restore Change URL


The Azure webapp PreProd slot need to be reverted to an older backup.
First I took a fresh backup.

After I have restored an old backup from azure webapp slot

The url of the slot was changed to

So my all linked services were in accessible on mobile apps.
The issues occurred when i was reverting my new code with old code on an Azure webapp slot with backup and restore feature.

First i tried that single backup file may resolve this issue.
After downloading files I tried to remove the new backup from Azure Storage Account. But it was not refreshed in Azure backup List.

To get the backup on orignal url you need to do the fresh backup twice
It will make the incorrect url with new code

Next restore the previous backup 
it wil be deployed on old url :

Reason is simple restore will get the incorrect url. So we need to assign incorrect url to some other backup file.